Learn to Cook and Eat

i can teach you.........

some suggestions for digestion

if your are feeding your emotions then you will be concerned with taste, flavor, texture and the way the food looks

if you are feeding your body first then you will consider the nutritional value and how alive the food is

living food that is as whole, fresh and organic will provide you with the best fuel you can ingest

some tips for better digestion:

1.  chew food at least 30 times

2. do not drink liquids with meals

3. only eat fruits 30 minutes before a meal or alone or 2 to 3 hours after

4. use food combining  [ no protein and starch together at the same meal ]

5. eat only when you are calm or quiet

6. refined white sugar is a poison to the body, try to avoid it and look for hidden sugars in your food

7. everything turns to sugar, even proteins and fats. the body and brain use glucose as a fuel

8.  sugars will enter the system either fast (white sugar) or the slowest (fats)